All You Need To Know About Capital Vacations

By Justin Zouhari

About Capital Vacations

Today, this brand has over 60 destinations for its 200,000+ members. Even within the last year, Capital Vacations Club has added more than 15 resorts to its portfolio.

Using Capital Vacations Club Points

CVC uses a flexible points system. By using their yearly allotted points, owners can choose where and when they would like to vacation.

Capital Points Protection Plan

Owners will receive a full refund of their points used on a reservation that is canceled up to 30 days in advance of their check-in date.

Capital Express

Depending on your Loyalty Program Status, you will have a reservation window of 10 to 21 days in advance to buy points at $.007 per point.

Capital Access

Capital Access allows owners to buy additional points at any time to add to their account. It's the best way to make your next vacation extra special.

Owner Assistance

Owner Assistance is a program that gives members the option to rent out up to 50% of their Capital Plus Points from the current Use Year.

Capital Vacations Resorts

Capital Vacations will give your family the right amount of space to be comfortable. Here are some of our favorite resorts.

Calypso Cay

This Caribbean-inspired resort is close to many Orlando attractions but provides an oasis to return to after a fun-filled day.

Sea Palace

Sea Palace is known as the “Crown Jewel of Sint Maarten.” Located in Philipsburg, this beachfront oasis offers stunning views of the pristine Caribbean waters.

Stormy Point Village

Stormy Point Village consists of standalone lakeside cottages that will make you think you’re in Cape Cod. This resort is in the entertainment capital of the world, Branson.

Capital Vacations For Sale


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