How Much is Hyatt Residence Club?

By Justin Zouhari

About Hyatt

Hyatt has grown exponentially since the beginning. The Hyatt Corporation is a global hotel company with more than 777 hotels and 15 timeshare resorts in over 54 countries.

How Much Does Hyatt Residence Club Cost?

There is no definitive answer to how much Hyatt timeshare will cost. However, you can find Hyatt points for sale at a much cheaper price on the resale market.

Know Before You Buy

There are two factors that affect how much Hyatt will cost. They are the annual maintenance fees and the sales price.

Hyatt Points  Vs.  Weeks

Before you can determine how much Hyatt Residence Club is, you’ll need to figure out exactly what timeshare type you want.

Hyatt Points

Imagine points-based timeshares as a monetary currency that can be spent visiting different resorts within the brand at different times throughout the year.

Hyatt Weeks

Week-based timeshares are generally best for people who enjoy traveling the same week every year. Knowing which you prefer will help you decide if Hyatt is worth it.

Learn More About Hyatt Resale Today


If you are looking to own a timeshare and join a fabulous vacation club, like the Hyatt Residence Club, look into buying a resale.

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