Timeshare Pros and Cons No One Talks About 

By Noah Belachew

Pros and Cons of Timeshares



• Long-term savings • Spacious Villas and Suites • Vacation Ownership

• Upfront Cost • Annual Fees and Dues • Depreciation

Vacation Guarantee

Owners can guarantee exquisite vacations every year. So, less planning and more memories. Not to mention, you can go back to your favorite places, or take an adventurous trip abroad.

Timeshare Maintenance Fees

Like owning a car or house, a timeshare must be maintained. Without maintenance fees, your resort can’t pay employees, make renovations, and can’t account for damages.

Timeshares Are Not an Investment

Sometimes people were led to believe that their timeshare would be an investment and make them money. This is not the case. Timeshares do not appreciate. 

Timeshares Are Not an Investment (cont.)

Timeshares for sale on the resale market are sold for less than their original price. Keep in mind that their main purpose is to promise incredible vacations.

Renting a Timeshare

If you want many of the benefits of a timeshare but don't want to spend full price, consider renting one. Check out the link below to learn more.

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