What is the Timeshare Secondary Market?

By Noah Belachew

What is the Secondary Market?

A place where timeshares are sold by owners that no longer want them. Since timeshares don't appreciate value, buyers can get a great deal when buying resale timeshares.

Perks of Buying Resale

One perk is the potential to save thousands of dollars. There are also timeshare rentals available for resale, so you can see what makes timeshares so great before committing.

Perks of Buying (cont.)

Another benefit is that you don't need to leave your house to start the purchase process. The secondary market is convenient because it's easily accessible right from home.

What to Look Out for on the Market

Two scams to be wary of are people who call about your timeshare out of the blue and exit companies who claim you should stop paying maintenance fees.

Selling on the Secondary Market

It's unlikely you will sell your timeshare for as much as you paid for it. A timeshare is a luxury product, so like cars and boats, timeshares do depreciate in value. 

Selling (cont).

However, don't let this deter you from selling! There are plenty of people searching the secondary market for timeshare weeks and points.

Voyager Pass

Voyager Pass is a travel club that converts your vacation ownership into credits, which can then be used on discounts for things like plane tickets and hotel rooms. 

Get Started With the Secondary Market

Check out the link below to learn more about buying, renting or selling on the secondary market.

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