Timeshare Vs Hotel: Which Is Right For You?

By Justin Zouhari

What is a Timeshare?

Before we can compare timeshares vs hotels, it’s important to discuss what a timeshare actually is. A timeshare is a resort unit that owners can use for a specific time each year.

Types Of Timeshare

Understanding the types of timeshares can help you determine if buying one is right for you. Here are the most common use cases of timeshares:

Floating Week

Instead of having a fixed week each year, owners of a floating week timeshare have the ability to reserve their vacation during certain weeks or periods throughout the year.

Fixed week

This is the traditional timeshare model where the owners have a fixed week, usually at the same time each year, when they can take their vacation.


Owners have points that renew yearly to book vacations at their preferred or other resorts as many times a year as they like, as long as they have the points to do so.

Pros & Cons  of Timeshare



• Luxurious Amenities  • 3x Larger Rooms Than Hotels • In Prime Locations • Save Money      Overtime

• Serious Commitment • Upfront Fee

Pros & Cons  of Hotels



• No Commitment • Cheaper Upfront

• Small Units • Few to No Amenities • More Expensive Overtime

Buy a Timeshare For Less


If you are a frequent traveler buying a timeshare will save you money. Not to mention, purchasing a timeshare on the resale market can save you thousands. 

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