Are You A Timeshare Owner? You Need To Know About ARDA

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Every industry has some sort of trade association that advocates for legislation, consumers, and professionals. For timeshare, that is ARDA, otherwise known as the American Resort Development Association. ARDA represents vacation ownership as well as resort developers. They promote advocacy, networking, B2B partnerships, and industry resources. As a timeshare owner, you should also know how the association benefits you.

What is ARDA?

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ARDA stands for the American Resort Development Association. The birth of timeshare brought many changes to the way people vacation forever, but it was also unregulated. Pioneers of vacation ownership came together in 1989 and began the American Land Development Association. Their mission was to protect consumers while also allowing legitimate industry players to prosper. It’s no secret that timeshare caught a bad reputation, and today ARDA continues to re-write the story.

If you are a timeshare owner, it’s very likely that your developer is a member of ARDA. Every ARDA member must agree to follow their strict Code of Ethics, which was established in the 1980s. The Code includes general conduct requirements, as well as standards for disclosure, resort management rules, guidelines for resale companies, and more.

Participating Members:


ARDA-ROC is sponsored by ARDA and stands for ARDA Resort Owners Coalition. It is the go-to resource for owners and also the first line of defense against legislation that could negatively impact owners and their well-being. Over one million owners around the country contribute to lobbying as well as advocation efforts. In fact, part of your timeshare maintenance fees supports ARDA and ARDA-ROC.

Coalition for Responsible Exit

In the last decade, the timeshare industry has grown year-over-year to new heights. Timeshare is not just a product, it is a vacation lifestyle that benefits millions of families. After all, most of our most cherished memories and bonding experiences happen over vacation. Timeshare is made to be a life-long product, however, life happens and things can change. Although over 85% of owners love their timeshare, some people have to find a way out. Whether it’s for financial hardship or a change in lifestyle, there should be a solution for owners in need of a safe exit.

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Because of this need and a small secondary market, timeshare exit companies and cancellation attorneys have been able to misguide many owners. With promises to get you out risk-free and a 100% money-back guarantee, fraud has run rampant in the industry. Many of these companies are not members of ARDA and do not follow ARDA’s Code of Ethics. If you are curious about the misinformation these companies put out there, and how they are harming owners, check out our series of Timeshare Wins Against Exit Companies.

This growing issue motivated ARDA to start the Coalition for Responsible Exit. If you are looking to get out of your timeshare, should be your first resource. Many ARDA members also participate in the coalition. One of the main requirements of participation is for developers to offer legitimate and safe exit solutions for their owners. The Coalition for Responsible Exit keeps tabs on legislative action, scams, as well as industry news.

ARDA World

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Every year, members of ARDA and key players of the industry get together to celebrate big wins, have educational panels, and discuss pressing matters. The event helps bridge the gap between the primary and secondary markets, as well as offer networking opportunities for professionals. There are several groups within the organization that also aid in networking and building relationships. Recently, the Timeshare Young Professionals Group (TYPG) has kick-started networking events and conferences to provide mentorship for “green” professionals. ARDA-WIN members also gather at this event, for Women in the Industry.

Take a look at the ARDA World Recap from 2019.

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6 thoughts on “Are You A Timeshare Owner? You Need To Know About ARDA”

  • John Dillon

    I have a buyer for my timeshare, who or what paperwork needs to be contacted to complete this transaction, thank you for your response, John Dillon

    • Lauren McGee

      Hello John!
      We recommend contacting a timeshare resale brokerage to help you through the closing process. Selling a timeshare on your own can get pretty complicated when it comes to the legal paperwork. Our sister company Fidelity Real Estate ( would be able to offer you advice on how to complete your sale.

      • Lydia Medina

        Hi ,
        We found a buyer for our timeshare. How do we know he is a legitimate buyer ? We don’t want to provide our deed and identification and then be scammed.
        Please advise on the steps for resale.

        • Lauren McGee

          Hello Lydia!
          Where did you find the buyer? You should proceed cautiously if you were contacted out of the blue about selling your timeshare. If there is a business that you are working with to handle the closing process, do some research about them on A trusted resale company will be able to confirm that the buyer you are working with is legitimate.

  • Shanequa Downs

    I would like some information. I’m trying to get out of my timeshare

    • Lauren McGee

      Hello Shanequa!
      If you’d like to discuss selling your timeshare on the resale market, please get in touch with us at or 1-800-610-2734. We’d love to help you get your unwanted timeshare off your hands.


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