7 of the Best Diamond Resorts in California

7 of the Best Diamond Resorts in California

Diamond Resorts in California cover all the bases when it comes to the perfect West Coast Vacation. Mountains, beaches, skiing, or surfing—whatever your style is, Diamond has you covered. Plan your next vacation for a trip to the Golden State, along with exclusive member events and experiences.

Diamond Resorts California

These Diamond resorts in California are sure to delight you and your family during your next trip to the west. Browse Diamond Resorts California timeshares for sale or rent from our resort marketplace. Make an offer online or call one of our timeshare resale experts. Check out the perks of the 5 best resorts Diamond and California have to offer.

1. Palm Canyon Resort

Tucked in the heart of Southern California, you can explore the charming Palm Canyon Resort. At this amazing getaway, you have access to many shopping centers, restaurants, arts, and live entertainment. Discover the city’s history by checking out local galleries and antique shops, or make your way to the city to enjoy a thrilling night of fun.

When it’s time to head back to the resort, many accommodations will keep you at peace and busy during your stay. Each villa comes with a partial kitchen, a balcony, or a patio and can comfortably sleep four guests. Service animals are also allowed.

Palm Canyon Resort Rentals

In need of a getaway and not sure where to start? Begin by browsing our Palm Canyon Resort Rentals and make an offer right at your fingertips. If you need assistance, please reach out to our rental specialists at 1-800-334-1846.

Palm Canyon Resort Timeshare For Sale

Make California your go-to vacation destination by becoming a Diamond Resorts Member in California. Browse Palm Canyon Resort Resales to find the perfect resort to make new memories at each year. For help, call 1-800-334-1846.

2. Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort

This year-round resort has to be the number one Diamond resort in California. Lake Tahoe welcomes visitors every season, drawing in skiers in the winter or hikers in the summer. The Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort is the perfect place to be, whether you want to hit the slopes or enjoy the great outdoors when the weather is warmer. Take in the woodland scenery surrounded by pine trees that tower over the lodge.

Not to mention, the Bear Moon Bar & Grill is located right on the property. Try a bite from a menu curated by the award-winning chef James Beard. Offering BBQ Piggy Wings, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Black Angus Ribeye, and more, you’ll find something to curb every craving. Take a seat on the patio for stunning views of the lake, and join in for daily specials of delicious cocktails.

This Diamond resort in California also has a pool for swimming, a fitness center, and a grocery store to fill all of your needs. Choose from a range of accommodations: Studio, Studio Deluxe, 1 Bedroom Standard, 1 Bedroom Deluxe, 2 Bedroom Standard, 2 Bedroom Deluxe, as well as accessible room options.

Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort Rentals

Take a look at our Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort rentals and make an offer right online. If you don’t see any of the dates you are looking for, please reach out to our rental specialists at 1-800-334-1846.

Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort Timeshare for Sale

Looking to become a member of Diamond Resorts in California? Our timeshare resale marketplace has Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort timeshares for sale at a fraction of the cost when you buy directly from Diamond. Browse postings and make an offer online, or call us at 1-800-213-7733 for help.

3. Riviera Beach Resort

If you love the beach, you will love the Riviera Beach Resort! Found on the south end of Dana Point, this resort gives you endless beachfront views, relaxing accommodations, and a great place to create ever-lasting memories.

You’ll always have something to do because there are endless amounts of on-site amenities and activities to partake in nearby. Some of those include bars/cocktail lounges, entertainment, scuba diving/snorkeling, jet ski rentals, and the list goes on! Whether you choose to stay at the resort or explore the surrounding areas, you will still be having a blast!

Riviera Beach Resort Rentals

Check out our Riviera Beach Resort Rentals and find your home away from home, all at the comfort of your home. If assistance is needed, feel free to call us at 1-800-334-1846.

Riviera Beach Resort Timeshare For Sale

Browse Riviera Beach Resort Resales to save big and find great deals on this amazing resort for your next vacation. Your adventure awaits you!

4. Marquis Villas Resort

Head to Palm Springs for a luxurious desert retreat. Marquis Villas Resort is one of the best Diamond resorts in California because of the scenic views of the San Jacinto Mountains and oversized accommodations. There’s plenty to do on the property, with various sports courts, a bbq area, pool tables, as well as outdoor pools.

While you’re on vacation, take a road trip to California’s national parks, including Palm Canyon and the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument. Or, visit Joshua Tree National Park, only an hour away from Palm Springs. The Marquis Villas Resort will welcome you back after a day of hiking with spacious one and two-bedroom units.

Marquis Villas Resort Rentals

Find the perfect vacation rental in Palm Springs at this Diamond resort in California. Take a look at our Marquis Villas Resort rentals and make an offer online to lock in your vacation. For help, call our rental specialists at 1-800-334-1846.

Marquis Villas Resort Timeshare for Sale

Buy a Diamond Resorts membership in California on the resale market for maximum savings and memorable experiences. Browse Marquis Villas Resort resales to guarantee incredible vacations year after year.

5. Riviera Shores Resort

Get ready for an incredible California beach vacation at this Diamond Resorts property. The Riviera Shores Resort is located in Southern California on Capistrano Beach. Not to mention, it’s one of the few beach towns left in Orange County, making it a highly sought-after destination nearby Laguna Beach. For a quieter California vacation, make sure to choose Riviera Shores Resort.

Guests can choose from a Deluxe Studio Ocean View, One-Bedroom Ocean View, as well as a Two-Bedroom Non-Ocean suite for extra space. Studio units include all of your basic needs, including a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and dishwasher. Pack your beach bag full of snacks without having to worry about stowing away leftovers.

Diamond Riviera Shores Resort Rentals

Browse vacation rentals from Riviera Shores Resort by Diamond in California. Simply make an offer online or call one of our rental specialists at 1-800-334-1846.

Riviera Shores Resort Timeshare for Sale

For vacations to Capistrano beach year after year, take a look at Riviera Shores Resort timeshare resales and become a member of Diamond Resorts. You’ll have access to the best benefits of Diamond and a lifetime of memorable vacations.

6. San Luis Bay Inn

San Luis Bay Inn is an incredible Diamond Resorts property in California. This seaside escape is located in Avila Beach along the Big Sur Coastline. Undoubtedly, San Luis Bay Inn provides several luxury amenities to match the gorgeous location. Enjoy a relaxing massage by the sea and unwind at the on-site spa. You won’t miss out on the sweeping ocean views, with sailboats dotting the bay.

After you feel refreshed and relaxed, walk the Avila Beach Pier, where you can watch the waves or fish for free without a license. Avila Beach is also conveniently located in the wine country, as well as natural hot springs. You’ll never run out of things to do in this charming beach town.

San Luis Bay Inn Rentals

Don’t let another year pass you by without visiting Diamond Resorts in California. Browse our San Luis Bay Inn rentals and make an offer online. For more help and guidance, call one of our rental specialists at 1-800-334-1846.

San Luis Bay Inn Timeshare for Sale

Search San Luis Bay Inn timeshares for sale by owner on our resort marketplace. You’ll find great savings and the best deals when you buy resale. Simply make an offer online when you find the perfect posting, or call us at 1-800-213-7733 for guidance.

7. Riviera Oaks Resorts

Beautifully built with an antique look, the Riviera Oaks Resort and its surroundings give you the best of both worlds. Peaceful and soothing but also action-packed and entertainment-filled. Located in the calm San Vicente Valley, this resort offers spacious one and two-bedroom villas that are both equipped with all your home needs.

Furthermore, it also includes amenities such as a fitness center, bike trails, a spa, hiking, pools, and more. If you want to explore beyond the resort, you are close to the casino, all your nightlife bars/clubs, shopping centers, restaurants, and museums.

Riviera Oaks Resort Rentals

Interested in vacation rentals but don’t know where to start? Simply browse our Riviera Oaks Resort Rentals, and choose from your favorite listing. If you need help, give us a call at 1-800-334-1846, and one of our rental specialists will assist you.

Riviera Oaks Resort Timeshare for Sale

If you’re looking for your dream vacation destination in California, take a look at our Riviera Oaks Resort for sale. Members of Diamond resorts have access to benefits that can be applied to all of their vacations.

Diamond Resorts Locations In California: Timeshares for Sale

Not only does Diamond Resorts offer the greatest experiences and highly sought-after locations, but members also have the utmost flexibility with Diamond’s points-based system. Travel to the best Diamond Resorts destinations when you buy points on the resale market. Browse Diamond Resorts’ resales in Orlando, California, and more.

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