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Festiva has 20 getaway resorts that are great for couples and families, so it could be the perfect timeshare club for you! Choose from Festiva properties in Orlando, the Bahamas, Myrtle Beach, and more. Owners of Festiva can use their points for getaway resorts elsewhere by using RTX, their vacation exchange partner. Learn why Festiva getaways could be the best choice for you, with unique vacation opportunities and flexibility for owners.

What is Festiva?

Festiva is a vacation ownership club that provides members exclusive resort getaways, sailing adventures, and more. You can become a member of Festiva in two ways.

  1. Buying a traditional timeshare deeded interest at a Festiva resort, sold in one week increments. Owning a week at a Festiva resort automatically grants owners access to the Festiva Adventure Club, so you can convert your week into an annual allotment of points.
  2. Becoming a member of the Festiva Adventure Club, a points-based travel club.

Festiva is one of the most successful privately held vacation ownership companies in the U.S. Its first resort in Myrtle Beach paved the way for a number of desirable destinations. They have also created a niche audience with their fleet of luxurious catamarans that can be used for Festiva Sailing Vacations.

Not only do Festiva owners enjoy getaways at more than 20 Festiva resorts, but they can also exchange their points with RTX, their vacation exchange partner.

How Festiva Adventure Club Works

Whether you purchased an annual getaway to Festiva resorts with a deeded interest or became a member of the Festiva Adventure Club with points, it works in similar ways.

Members of Festiva Adventure Club receive an annual allotment of points on January 1st. Bi-annual members will receive their points every other year on January 1st. Members can use points however they would like to at any Festiva Adventure Club resort. Depending on the destination, unit size, length of stay, and the season will estimate how many points you will need. For example, a larger unit in Myrtle Beach during the summer will cost more in points than a smaller unit during the low season.

If you won’t be using all of your points at any given year, your points will simply roll over to the next usage year. No need to bank your points ahead of time, unlike other popular vacation clubs. Furthermore, Festiva Adventure Club members are automatically enrolled in a Premium Plus membership with RTX. RTX allows members to bank their points for up to four years.

Should you ever run out of points for that much-needed and well-deserved vacation, you can purchase additional points just for that year. Festiva calls this “accelerating your points.” Additionally, we can teach you more about how to buy a timeshare or get more points.

Festiva Resorts Getaways

There are over 20 resorts that Festiva owners or members can travel to. Not to mention, Festiva offers getaways with luxury catamarans in the Greek Isles and Caribbean. Take a look at Festiva resorts getaways in the most popular vacation destinations.

Festiva Orlando Resort

Browse Festiva Orlando Resort Timeshares for Sale

If you’re looking for a getaway in Orlando, this Festiva resort is one of the best properties to stay at! Set on 110 acres in Central Florida, the Festiva Orlando resort caters to every vacationer out there. Villas come in a variety of options, including Suites, one-bedroom, or two-bedrooms. Each villa is complete with fully-equipped kitchens (kitchenette in suites), a washer & dryer, as well as private screened-in porches. The Festiva Orlando Resort is located just outside the historic and vibrant downtown Kissimmee area. It’s only minutes away from Orlando theme parks, as well as fun nightlife and entertainment on Main Street.

Festiva’s Ocean Club

Browse Peppertree Ocean Club Timeshares for Sale

Ocean Club is a perfect Festiva resort getaway in Myrtle Beach. Relax on the shore by day and soak up the sunrays on the Grand Strand. By night, enjoy the nightlife and best places to drink on Myrtle Beach. Peppertree Ocean Club resort offers units with stunning oceanfront views and private balconies. Only a few blocks away from the resort is the best seafood to eat, nightclubs, and entertainment. Choose from staying in one, two, or three-bedroom suites. Some units also include jacuzzis and private balconies for your convenience.

Frenchmen Orleans

Browse Frenchmen Orleans Timeshares for Sale

Ready to celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans? The Frenchmen Orleans is a prime Festiva resort getaway within walking distance of the French Quarter. Not to mention, the cultural and arts district of Frenchmen Street will satisfy your sight-seeing needs. The Frenchmen Orleans resort has a private courtyard, luxurious pool, and spa for guests to take advantage of. Choose from one- or two-bedroom units for maximum comfort and convenience. This Festiva resort is conveniently located and offers spacious accommodations, so it’s definitely one of the best timeshare properties in New Orleans.

Coconut Palms Beach Resort II

Enjoy the East Coast of Florida at New Smyrna Beach. New Smyrna is known for being one of the best beaches in Florida, where visitors can enjoy the weather all year round. The Coconut Palms Beach Resort II is the perfect Festiva resort getaway to New Smyrna. Guests fall in love with the small beach town vibe, full of unique boutiques, dining, and shops around New Smyrna. Not to mention, the Coconut Palms Beach Resort is only 20 minutes away from Daytona, known for being the hub of car races and excitement. If you’re looking for a day trip to Orlando that you can take on vacation, this is also a great spot. New Smyrna is only about an hour away from Orlando theme parks and attractions.

Families will love the spacious unit options, ranging from one to three bedrooms. Some units even include fully-equipped kitchens for added convenience. When the ocean feels too cold, hop in the on-site pool for a splash. Don’t forget to throw your swimsuits in the laundry room so they’re fresh and clean every day.

Browse Coconut Palms Beach Resort II Timeshares for Sale

Festiva Getaways Resorts Timeshare Resale

Looking to join Festiva for awesome resort getaways? If so, browse all of our Festiva Resorts points for sale. Being part of the Festiva Adventure Club means more than just vacations. It’s a new vacation ownership lifestyle you’ll love. If you need help finding the perfect Festiva timeshare properties for sale, then call us at 1-800-213-7733 or email info@timesharesonly.com. Our timeshare specialists are here for you Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 9 PM EST.

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