How Much Are Disneyland Tickets? (July 2022)

How Much Are Disneyland Tickets

There are quite a few expenses to consider when planning a Disney vacation. Travel and accommodations will probably be the biggest cost during your trip. But, of course, if you’re planning on visiting Disneyland’s theme parks, then you’ll need to factor in ticket prices to the total cost of your vacation. Disneyland ticket prices change often and can even fluctuate day to day. Let’s discuss how much Disneyland tickets are currently sold for.

How Much Are Disneyland One Park Per Day Tickets? (As of July 2022)

Disneyland single-park tickets are valid for one park per day. Guests can purchase 1 to 5-day one-park-per-day tickets. A price tier is used to determine how much the cost of a single-park per day ticket at Disneyland is. The cost of Disneyland one park per day tickets fluctuates throughout the year. Tickets will cost more per day during the peak season than during the off-season. There are six tiers of ticket prices. The cheapest (Tier 1) will be midweek dates in the off-seasons, while the most expensive (Tier 6) will be on summer weekends or during peak holidays.

If you buy a Tier 6 ticket but end up using it on a lower tier day, you will be allowed entry but cannot get a refund for the difference in cost. However, you can upgrade low-tier tickets to use on a higher-tier day by paying the difference at a park ticket booth.

TierPrice (Adult Ticket 10+)Price (Child Ticket 3-9)

One Park Per Day Multi-Day Disneyland Tickets Cost

The tier system does not apply for multi-day one-park-per-day tickets. You can use these tickets on any day of the year. Again, these tickets are valid for entry to one of Disneyland’s theme parks per day. With these tickets, you cannot visit Disneyland and Disney California Adventure on the same day.

Number of DaysPrice (Adult Ticket 10+)Price (Child Ticket 3-9)

How Much Are Disneyland Park Hopper Tickets? (As of July 2022)

Disneyland Park Hopper tickets allow guests to visit multiple theme parks in one day. Since these tickets allow for entry to both Disneyland parks in a single day, they cost more than base tickets. So, you can visit Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and California Adventure’s Avengers Campus all in one day! How much the cost of a one-day Disneyland Park Hopper ticket is also based on a tier system.

TierPrice (Adult Ticket 10+)Price (Child Ticket 3-9)

Disneyland Park Hopper Multi-Day Tickets Cost

Multi-day Disneyland Park Hopper tickets are also not priced on a tiered scale. Multi-day Park Hopper tickets can be used at Disneyland any day of the year.

Number of DaysPrice per day (Adult Ticket 10+)Price per day (Child Ticket 3-9)

Disneyland Tickets Discounts

It’s worth noting that California residents can often get discounted Disneyland tickets. With proof of residence, Californians can purchase tickets at a lower price. These deals pop up throughout the year, so be sure to keep an eye out for current promotions. These offers often have the ability to upgrade to Park Hopper tickets at a discount, as well.

Disneyland also often offers discounts to active or retired US military service members. These discounted tickets can be used for themselves, family members as well as friends.

Keep in mind that some discounts come with blockout dates. This means there are certain days when these discount tickets can not be used. So be sure to check the blockout schedule before planning your trip to Disneyland.

Disney World Park Reservations

Keep in mind that Disneyland guests currently require a reservation each day to enter the theme parks. In addition, guests must reserve which days they will be visiting each park. This is a new protocol that Disney has established since the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce crowd sizes. When you buy a Disneyland ticket, you must buy them for the day you wish to visit. However, that does not guarantee park reservation availability for that day. Guests must book a reservation separately, so we suggest checking the park availability calendar before purchasing tickets.

If guests have a park hopper ticket, they can begin park hopping at 1 pm. However, you must visit the park that you have a park reservation for before you can park hop. So, if your park reservation for the day is at Disneyland, you are not able to enter California Adventure until you’ve visited Disneyland and it’s after 1 pm.

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How Much Are Disneyland Tickets

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