Sell Holiday Inn Club Vacations: A Complete Guide

Sell Holiday Inn Club Timeshare

Are you trying to find a way to sell your Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare? Of course, timeshares can provide families with unforgettable vacations. However, things can change in an instant, and owning a timeshare may no longer be right for your family. We know that the process of selling your timeshare can be overwhelming at times. With the tips below, selling a Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare can feel a little easier. Let’s go through it all, from posting your Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare for sale to the closing process.

What Is Holiday Inn Club Vacations?

The Holiday Inn hotel brand originally began in 1952 and has since grown to offer over 240,000 rooms worldwide. Holiday Inn Club Vacations is the brand’s club for timeshare owners. The vacation club resorts are known for bringing family fun and comfort to all their guests.

With resorts in the mountains, alongside beaches, and next to amusement parks, there is a place for everyone in the network.

Timeshare points and week-based options also make it easy to find the perfect fit. The number of Club Points each member receives is based on a few factors, such as the location, season, and size of their owned timeshare unit. Generally, your trading power comes from the caliber of your ownership.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations has a variety of lodging options ranging from hotels to timeshares and is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. The beautiful villas offered with Holiday Inn timeshare feature one to four bedrooms, perfect for families of all sizes.

Most villas will feel like home (but better) thanks to the well-appointed kitchens, bedrooms behind closed doors, and spacious living areas.

Not to mention, the locations of Holiday Inn timeshares are pretty far spread. That means there are plenty of places to travel to.

If you’re ready to sell your membership, a new owner will love the flexibility and possibilities Holiday Inn Club Vacations has to offer.

When potential buyers are searching the market for their perfect timeshare, they likely have a must-have checklist in mind. This could be wanting certain amenities like an on-site golf course, fitness center, and a lazy river, or needing a wide variety of accommodation options.

Resorts with all of these amenities can likely sell for more on the resale market. So, if you’re selling a timeshare that offers a long list of amenities, then you’re in luck! Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshares are known for having stellar resort amenities.

Browse Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshares available now on our marketplace to see what price other owners have their contracts listed to sell for. Resort amenities alone might make buying a timeshare worth it for potential owners!

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Holiday Inn Club Vacations resorts to see what amenities and accommodations they have to offer. Be aware that there may be a resort fee each day to enjoy the amenities.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Orange Lake Resort

As Holiday Inn Club Vacations’ flagship resort, you can expect the best of the best at Orange Lake Resort. This resort offers four villages chock full of vacation excitement!

Not only does this sprawling resort offer an endless list of amenities, but it’s also moments away from Walt Disney World and Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida. So, you can add a little extra magic to your Disney trip by staying at Orange Lake!

Right from check in you’ll notice just how many on-site activities there are for the whole family at Orange Lake. Guests will love spending the day on the lazy river, teeing off at the golf course, and enjoying a night at one of the restaurants right on site. There is also a fabulous fitness center for owners to use. Plus, resort guests get free parking and wifi. Whether you want to rest or play all day, this is a great place to have your perfect getaway!

When it’s time to head back to your room, you’ll find plenty of space for the whole family to relax. Kids will love the spacious living rooms, while parents will find a quiet haven in their private bedroom.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Smoky Mountain Resort

If you’re looking for a trip to the mountains with the whole family, then look no further. Holiday Inn Club Vacations Smoky Mountain Resort is the perfect place if you’re looking for natural beauty and unforgettable attractions.

As the name suggests, this resort sits in the heart of the Smoky Mountains and is just minutes away from downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Not only is there plenty to do near the resort, but the property itself offers guests some amazing amenities.

One of the most exciting features of Holiday Inn Club Vacations Smoky Mountain Resort is the indoor waterpark. Kids can splash around on the waterslides and adults can relax in the indoor pool.

Speaking of pools, the resort also has an outdoor pool and hot tub to take a break in during the warmer months. Plus, resort guests get free parking and wifi. No matter which dates you plan on visiting this resort, there is plenty to do for children and adults alike!

You’ll find plenty of room to stretch out at night in your private timeshare villa. Whether you need space for one bed or five, this resort is the perfect place for you.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations South Beach Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations offers beach resort options around the US. One of the top oceanfront resort options is Holiday Inn Club Vacations South Beach Resort. This sunny property sits on the shores of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Whether you like to golf, enjoy fabulous restaurants, or play at a theme park, Myrtle Beach has something for every person.

Kids and adults alike will love the resort pools and other amenities. This Holiday Inn Club Vacations resort is perfect for a long weekend away, free of everyday stress and full of relaxing quality time. Or, take the full week to enjoy every restaurant, golf course, and attraction this exciting beach town has to offer. Your kids will love taking photos of Wonderworks, a wacky indoor amusement park that appears to be upside down.

There won’t be a dull day or night in sight when you visit Holiday Inn Club Vacations South Beach Resort. The on-site amenities include a fitness center, a lazy river, pools, water slides, and a private beachfront clubhouse. Plus, resort guests get free parking and wifi.

This resort has a variety of bedroom options, so whether or not you bring the kids, you’ll have plenty of private space to relax.

What To Consider Before Selling Your Timeshare

Selling your Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare is a big decision. So, it’s important to be completely certain that selling it is the right thing to do. If you still enjoy using your ownership on occasion and don’t want to give up access to the resort amenities, you do have options.

Before you sell your HICV ownership, consider vacation exchange or renting out your timeshare.

RCI: Exchange Your Timeshare Points or Weeks

Worldmark Marble Falls

If you own a timeshare, you are likely eligible to join a vacation exchange network like RCI or II. Not sure you’re ready to sell your timeshare? You should contact your developer and see what exchange programs you’re able to join.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations is affiliated with RCI. Many timeshare owners with Holiday Inn Club Vacations use RCI to travel to new resorts every year. If you’re looking to visit new destinations, this may be a good option.

Renting Out Your Holiday Inn Club Vacations Timeshare

Similar to the above option, if you’re not totally sold on selling your timeshare, you can rent it out while you decide. At Timeshares Only, we can help you post your timeshare for rent. Renting your Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare can be a great way to pay for your maintenance fees on years you don’t plan to vacation.

Additionally, you may consider letting family or friends pay your maintenance fee for a year and in exchange let them use your timeshare for their vacation. Your loved ones can relax at a HICV resort and you can be free of the stress of maintenance fees for a year.

“Can I Sell My Holiday Inn Club Timeshare If I Owe Money On It?”

Do you still owe money on your timeshare? If so, we can post it on our online marketplace today to start getting eyes on your property. Keep in mind that it may be more difficult to sell if you owe money on it, but our team of experts will walk you through the process.

How To Sell Your Timeshare

So, you want to start selling Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare? The best place to start is to contact your developer. Undoubtedly, they can help you by identifying what you own and how to get started. They may refer you to a featured reseller to get the ball rolling.

Your resort will most likely refer you to an ARDA-approved reseller. This is important. If you decide to find a reseller on your own online, be sure they are approved by ARDA.

ARDA, the American Resort Development Association, works to set regulations and standards that timeshare companies must follow in order to protect consumers. Using a resale company that is vetted by ARDA can protect you from timeshare exit company scams.

Read More: ARDA Warns Timeshare Owners About Third-Party Exit Companies

Sell Your Holiday Inn Club Vacations Timeshare

how to sell holiday inn club timeshare

After calling your developer and deciding you want to post your timeshare for sale, let us know. You can start by giving us a call. Our phone number is 1-800-610-2734 

We will work with you by creating a posting for your timeshare on our website. We work hard to market our brand for maximum visibility to buyers.

If buyers are interested, we’ll let you know. Additionally, we will have our sister company, Fidelity Real Estate, reach out to you to discuss the closing process – with your permission of course. Fidelity is the licensed brokerage with whom we refer all buyers. If you decide to close the sale on your own or with another broker, that’s totally fine, but we recommend working with a trusted broker so they can handle the title, transfer, and closing process for you.

When you’re ready to sell your Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare resort ownership, we are here to help.

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