How Much Does a Westgate Timeshare Cost?

Westgate Timeshare Cost

Westgate Resorts is one of the best timeshare brands to join. As a household name in the vacation industry, they have continuously grown and expanded over the past 40 years. If you are wondering how much a Westgate timeshare costs, you’ve come to the right place. As a vacation ownership resale business, we understand purchasing a timeshare is a huge decision. Let’s take a look at how you can save money when buying a Westgate timeshare on the resale market.

About Westgate Resorts

With Westgate, you can vacation anywhere, from sunny beaches to snow-capped mountains. Each and every year, Westgate Resorts is evolving to be bigger and better. Over 14,000 villas can be found at 27 breathtaking resorts, and there is no indication that the company will slow down anytime soon. Westgate Resorts have locations in every major travel destination in the country.

There are fabulous perks that come with becoming a Westgate Resorts owner that make your Westgate timeshare worth the cost. For example, almost all resort amenities are complimentary with your VIP card, and many fees are waived. In addition, when you book a mini vacation, you can save up to 30% off the best rate.

Depending on your home resort, you can travel flexibly through Interval International or RCI. Don’t worry; you can’t go wrong with either vacation exchange program. They both provide comprehensive exchange services to owners worldwide as well as a range of other value-added services. So you can travel almost anywhere your heart desires.

Westgate Timeshare Cost on the Resale Market

Purchasing a timeshare is a deal within itself. In contrast to traditional hotels, timeshare resorts have more spacious units with fully equipped kitchens and private bedrooms. Traveling with a family often requires booking multiple rooms because you cannot fit everyone in one hotel room. There is more space in a timeshare, with an average size of 1030 square feet, which is larger than an average apartment.  

For an even more fantastic deal, the resale market has Westgate timeshares for a fraction of the cost. Since timeshare values rarely increase, timeshare resales are more cost-effective for those interested in becoming an owner. It is important to note that Westgate Resorts have restrictions for resale owners to outweigh the imbalance. For example, owners can not access the Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection, discounts, and promotions. Ultameltiy, it is up to you to determine if you should buy timeshare resale vs. retail. Another option is purchasing additional points on the secondary market to add to your ownership. In this instance, you can save money while also avoiding restrictions.

The resale of a timeshare unit doesn’t necessarily indicate “used.” Due to the industry’s shift to flexible points-based systems, you’ll unlikely stay in the same unit repeatedly. Imagine it as a flexible vacation club that lets you book beautiful resorts yearly. With timeshare maintenance fees, “used timeshares” are kept in good condition.

Timeshare Cost Calculator

We have two features on every posting on our marketplace, so you can better finance and understand what you are purchasing. If you are looking into buying a timeshare, you have probably been told you are saving over a lifetime of vacations. The Savings Comparison Calculator shows you how much you will save compared to a traditional hotel stay. In addition, you can use the Monthly Payment Calculator if you will be financing your purchase. It will consider your down payment, interest rate, and loan term. Due to this increased transparency, it is now easier than ever to purchase timeshare resales on the secondary market and understand how much your Westgate timeshare costs.

Top Westgate Resorts

Westgate’s cost-effective vacation accommodations make every vacation destination accessible to everyone, whether you’re traveling alone or with your entire family. The unique experiences you will have at each destination will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. From its beautiful features to its exceptional amenities, guests can enjoy the beach, explore the outdoors, and everything in between. Here are some of the best Westgate timeshare resorts we have on our marketplace at low costs.

  • Westgate Vacation Villas Resort – Although the first Westgate resort, Westgate Vacation Villas Resort offers its guest a modern resort with fantastic amenities and accommodations. Their accommodations range from studio to two-bedroom villas with a loft that sleeps up to 10 people. In addition, everyone in the family will enjoy the amenities on-site, including the Jurassic Miniature Golf Course, movie theatre, and swimming pools. Not to mention, this Westgate Orlando timeshare is right next door to Westgate Town Center, so you can enjoy those amenities as well.
  • Westgate Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort – A tranquil vacation experience awaits guests at the Westgate Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort on Myrtle Beach‘s world-famous beach. Fun amenities and spacious accommodations make this Westgate resort so beloved. Amenities include a game room, fitness center, hot tub, and sauna.
  • Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort – Conveniently nearby the best things to do in Gatlinburg, the Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort offers a perfect escape to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The resort’s fully-equipped villas allow you to have all your favorite home amenities on vacation, including a kitchen, dining, and living area. In addition, on-site, there is an indoor waterpark, pool, and mini golf course.

Buy a Westgate Timeshare With Timeshares Only

Now that you know how fabulous Westgate Resorts are, what are you waiting for? Start the process by browsing our current marketplace of Westgate Resorts. Then, once you find your new home away from home, make an offer. It’s that simple to purchase a Westgate timeshare at low costs. If you want to talk to someone directly, give one of our timeshare consultants a call at 1-800-610-2734. We are happy to help you find your dream timeshare!

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