What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Timeshare Maintenance Fees?

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As a timeshare owner, paying your annual maintenance fees is one of the most vital components of holding the vacation ownership title. Timeshare maintenance fees cover the upkeep of timeshare resorts along with many other factors of vacation ownership. So, what do timeshare owners do if they experience financial difficulties and are no longer able to pay their maintenance fees? Well, we’re here to help answer all of your questions! Continue reading to learn about what happens if you don’t pay your timeshare maintenance fees and how you can legally get out of paying them.

What are Timeshare Maintenance Fees?

Unsure of what timeshare maintenance fees are? No problem! We’re here to cover all of the logistics of it. Timeshare maintenance fees are annual fees that owners agree to pay when purchasing a timeshare. Payments can be annual, monthly, or quarterly, depending on the developer. These fees are mandatory and cover a lot of necessary functions like regular upkeep, regular maintenance of the property, and employee wages.

When purchasing a timeshare, timeshare management companies will provide cost reports, so owners can receive an estimate of how much they will owe every year.

Why Owners Pay Maintenance Fees

Maintenance fees cover updates for amenities, unit upgrades, and compensation for workers to help keep your timeshare resort looking spectacular. Additionally, this includes regular maintenance of the property and employee wages. Property taxes and insurance are additional factors within timeshare fees.

To put this into perspective, think of your car. It’s necessary to bring it into the shop for routine checks and tire rotations, right? Well, the same goes for paying annual maintenance fees for timeshares. Paying fees help to ensure your timeshare is maintained and covers the upgrades of the units, like new appliances and new beds.

How Much Do Timeshare Maintenance Fees Cost?

Timeshare maintenance fees vary in cost and depend on several different factors. Maintenance costs depend on the timeshare company and timeshare resort. Even individual timeshare resorts within the brand’s portfolio might also have different fees. Fees also depend on unit size and the time of year you vacation.

To put into perspective, the average fee in 2022 was $1,120, according to ARDA‘s State of the Industry Report. But, unfortunately, fees tend to increase every year.

What Happens When You Don’t Pay Your Annual Timeshare Maintenance Fee?

What happens if I don't pay my timeshare maintenance fees? Pennies in Jar

So, what happens if I don’t pay my timeshare maintenance fees? As you may know, timeshare owners should never stop paying maintenance fees. Not paying your timeshare maintenance fees will result in a default of your ownership and can negatively impact your credit report.

Not Paying Maintenance Fees Can Hurt Your Credit Report

Refusing to pay timeshare maintenance fees may result in them being forwarded to collection agencies and ruin your credit reports. If you default on your ownership, it will appear on your credit score. Missing payment is risky as your credit score will decline significantly. So, it is critical to never stop paying your timeshare maintenance fees.

If you’re in the market to purchase a new car or a new home, you may require a credit check, and if they see you have bad credit because you stopped paying maintenance fees, this will decrease the chances of your buyer eligibility. Neglecting to pay your fees will creep up on you in the long run.

Each timeshare developer differs, but if you stopped paying your fees, it may be written in the contract that they have the right to take legal action against you, resulting in possible foreclosure of your timeshare ownership.

Timeshare Cancellation Companies

Timeshare exit companies are typically scams. They declare they can get you out of paying your maintenance fees. But oftentimes, they are unsuccessful. In most cases, timeshare exit companies contact your timeshare developer and suggest a timeshare foreclosure. Ultimately, this fails you because it negatively impacts your credit score and decreases your chance of buying a house or car.

If a timeshare exit company contacts you, proceed with caution and don’t take any advice that forces you to stop paying your timeshare fees. Unfortunately, this timeshare scan happens often to too many timeshare owners. It’s best to do your research before trusting these companies. Additionally, timeshare exit companies require costly upfront fees, which in itself defeats the purpose of not paying fees.

In light of this, continue paying your fees or talk to your timeshare developer for a solution.

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Want to Get Out of Paying Maintenance Fees Legally?

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Owners no longer interested in preserving their timeshares may be tempted to stop paying maintenance fees. Or, folks may not afford to pay the maintenance fees as they go up. So, for some, these extra costs may impact their day-to-day life and cause financial strain. So, if you’re an owner looking to legally get out of paying your timeshare maintenance fees, you’ve come to the right place. And, good news! There are alternative options to choose from.

Timeshare Companies Can Help

Have you decided that vacation ownership isn’t for you? That’s okay! The first step to legally getting out of paying maintenance fees is to contact your developer or timeshare company. Each resort and company differ, but many obtain in-house options to get out of a timeshare if you no longer want it. Some timeshare companies might buy the timeshare contract from you directly.

Consider Selling your Timeshare

If the above option doesn’t work for you, consider advertising your timeshare for sale on the timeshare resale market! The secondary market allows you to control your timeshare ad and how much you’d like to sell it for. You set the terms and price as well as decide who the timeshare goes to.

So, forget about those shameful timeshare exit companies that leave you with empty promises and demanding upfront fees. Sell your timeshare with a reliable company to be free from ongoing fees and to protect your credit score.

Consider Renting Out Your Timeshare!

For owners wanting to keep their timeshare but want help paying maintenance fees, renting out your timeshare might be the best option for you! By renting out your timeshare, you’ll still obtain ownership status without the overload of maintenance fees. The rental marketplace is similar to the resale marketplace. You have control and set your price.

You can also rent your timeshare while you are waiting for it to sell. This is a great option because sometimes buyers want to try before they own. Who knows, maybe someone will rent your timeshare and love it so much they want to buy it from you. Or, maybe they just want to rent it, but you get money back in your pocket that you can use towards your timeshare maintenance fees.

How To Sell A Timeshare On The Resale Market

What happens if I don't pay my timeshare maintenance fees? House with Keys

The timeshare industry has many great opportunities. Enjoy endless savings and checking off bucket-list destinations with a timeshare. But sometimes, we outgrow a specific resort or location and want to hand off our ownership to a new family. For others, selling a timeshare is an excellent way to legally opt out of a timeshare ownership status and stop paying timeshare maintenance fees. Partnering with Timeshares Only to sell your timeshares means you’ll be working with a specialist who can help you through the entire resale process. So, continue reading to learn how to sell your timeshare in three easy steps!

Gather Ownership Details

To start the resale process, you must gather all of your ownership details, and if you’re having trouble locating them, we’re here to help! Details can include the resort or vacation club you own, week number, point allotment, unit number, and more.

Advertise Your Timeshare For Sale

Your advertisement must include all the essential components to make it eye-catching to potential buyers. So, creating an ad that includes the unit type, resort, and location is vital. As for pricing, we will work with you to set the perfect price. For pricing measures, it’s important to obtain a realistic pricing mindset and understand that a timeshare isn’t an investment, and you’ll most likely receive less than what you initially purchased it for. We offer an easy form to help determine what your timeshare is worth.

Although you won’t get as much as you initially paid for your timeshare, it is still one of the best actions to take if you want to get out of your timeshare and stop paying timeshare maintenance fees.

Review Offers

Once someone makes an offer that you want to move forward with, our Recommended Resale Brokerage, Fidelity Real Estate, can assist with the entire closing process. After you go through the right of first refusal stage, you will then transfer the title out of your name, and the buyer will become the new owner. Once that is finalized you are free from having to pay maintenance fees.

Timeshares Only is the #1 recommended timeshare resale marketplace. So when you’re ready, we’re here to help you sell your timeshare. One of our timeshare specialists will gladly walk you through the timeshare resale process. Call us at 1-800-610-2734 to get started today!

How to Set up a Rental Ad on the Rental Marketplace

Many owners choose to rent out their timeshare for a variety of reasons. Whether they simply aren’t using them or need help covering their annual timeshare maintenance fees, Timeshares Only is the perfect rental marketplace.


Advertising your timeshare for rent is similar to advertising your timeshare for sale and is easy as 1, 2, 3. Start by gathering your ownership details, including resort, week number, unit number, and other necessary details. Secondly, advertise your timeshare for rent with a trustworthy company like Timeshares Only. We’ll make sure your timeshare reaches target audiences worldwide with our multi-channel marketing strategies.

Get Paid

Lastly, get paid! Once your timeshare is reserved by a guest, our representatives will confirm the details and handle the transaction. Once the confirmation has been received and the timeshare is officially booked, you can use the proceeds toward your annual maintenance fees!

Rent or Sell With Timeshares Only

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Now that you know what happens if you don’t pay your timeshare maintenance fees, you may be ready to sell or rent. If so, Timeshares Only is here to help! Timeshares Only has been in the timeshare industry for 30 years, with advanced expertise in timeshare reselling and timeshare renting to help guide you through each process successfully and efficiently. Timeshare Only’s timeshare specialists are experts in major resort developers and obtain credible authority in the secondary market.

If you’re a timeshare owner and have questions about selling or renting out your timeshare, feel free to reach out to us at 1-800-610-2734 or email us at info@timesharesonly.com.

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